The Episode Guide to Samurai Champloo is original writing by Paula O'Keefe (c) 2004-2010,
based on characters and situations owned by and (c) 2004-5 Manglobe and Simoigusa Champloos.
Please do not use or quote without my permission. Thank you!

--Notes on episode summaries:
(1) They are based on fan-subbed translations of the episodes collected during the series' original run, 2004-5. As such, they will quite often disagree with the "official" English dub as heard on Geneon's DVD's and on Adult Swim. Like I care.

(2) They do contain some strong language, of the four-letter-word variety. Sensitive readers be advised.

(3) Dialogue quotes are probably not exact; they are usually based on two (or more) different translations of the same material--again, from fan-subbed episodes--in which case I have extrapolated to get what I think is the probable sense of the sentence.

My heartfelt thanks to all the dedicated people (they know who they are) who volunteer many hours of effort to make it possible
for so many anime fans to fall in love well ahead of the official schedule.

Series Director: Shinichiro Watanabe
Series Writer:Shinji Obara
Character Design: Kazuto Nakazawa
Art director: Takeshi Waki
Chief Animation Director: Kazuto Nakazawa
Mechanical design: Mahiro Maeda (weaponry)

Japanese cast:
Mugen: Kazuya Nakai
Jin: Ginpei Sato
Fuu: Ayako Kawasumi
English cast:
Mugen: Daniel Andrews (pseudonym of Steven Blum)
Jin: Kirk Thornton
Fuu: Kari Wahlgren

The Episodes:
Tempestuous Temperaments--Wherein a hand is lost and a plan is made; one girl makes a decision, two swordsmen clash blades, and three strangers (and a squirrel) hit the road.
Director: Shinichiro Watanabe; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Shinichiro Watanabe
Redeye Reprisal--Wherein a one-handed man's revenge is foiled by a pragmatic assassin and a kind-hearted monster. Beware pretty girls serving mushroom sake'.
Director: Takeshi Yoshimoto; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Kazuki Akane
Hellhounds for Hire (pt. 1)--Wherein a battle between clans finds our separated trio on both sides and in the middle; Jin fights for justice, Mugen for kicks, and Fuu to stay out of bed...
Director: Shintaro Inagawa, Shuko Murase; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Shuko Murase
Hellhounds for Hire (pt. 2)--Wherein a feud is settled by blood on both sides, Mugen grants a last request, and Fuu-chan rolls the bones.
Director: Hirotaka Endo; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Kazuyoshi Katayama
Artistic Anarchy--Wherein Mugen's fast feet and a detective's quick wit combine to rescue Fuu when she poses for a painter with shady connections, and Jin-san discourses on the fine combat arts of chess and kenjutsu.
Director: Sayo Yamamoto; Script: Dai Sato; Storyboard: Sayo Yamamoto
Stranger Searching--Wherein a hopeful stranger loves a strange land that, alas, doesn't love him back; a samurai loses his soul for a day; and boys who like boys watch boys dressed as girls.
Director: Akira Yoshimura; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Tsukasa Sunaga
A Risky Racket--Wherein a boy's concern for his mother's health takes him to the wrong side of the law; Fuu tells a story and loses a friend.
Director: Takeshi Yoshimoto; Script: Seiko Takagi; Storyboard: Kazuki Akane
The Art of Altercation--Wherein an oddball's quest to become Mr. Big offers our first glimpse of Jin's dark secret; an adventure with foreign wine and a duel of two furies.
Director: Keiichi Sasajima; Script: Dai Sato; Storyboard: Yoshimoto Kometani
Beatbox Bandits--Wherein Mugen runs an errand for a corrupt official through a gauntlet of forest goblins, warrior priests and a forest of pot 20 feet high. Jin says "hmm..".
Director: Hirotaka Endo; Script: Dai Sato; Storyboard: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Lethal Lunacy--Wherein Mugen faces the lethal challenge of a Shaolin-trained swordsman and proves equal to the test, while Jin gets stuck doing all the housework...
Director: Akira Yoshimura; Script: Touko Machida; Storyboard: Toshimitsu Ohashi
Gamblers and Gallantry--An unexpected romance: wherein Jin comes to the rescue of a lady in distress, Mugen wins a bundle at the bugfights, and our trio's loyalties are tested and prove strong.
Director: Sayo Yamamoto; Script: Seiko Takagi; Storyboard: Sayo Yamamoto
The Disorder Diaries--Wherein Jin and Mugen read Fuu's diary and realize she hasn't exactly been telling them everything so far...
Director: Hirotaka Endo; Script: Shinichiro Watanabe; Storyboard: Shinichiro Watanabe
Misguided Miscreants (pt.1)--Wherein old acquaintances lure Mugen back into his violent past; a pirate girl makes secret plans; and the lust for gold brings betrayal and fire.
Director: Takashi Yoshimoto; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Kazuyoshi Katayama
Misguided Miscreants (pt.2)--Wherein Mugen returns to the land of the living with the aid of silent strangers; a pirate girl's plans go awry; and two revenges are served up very cold indeed.
Director: Shuko Murase; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Shinchiro Watanabe and Shuko Murase
Bogus Booty--Wherein a brothel with a secret, a sack of counterfeit koban, and the shogun's prettiest ninja add up to an evening Mugen and Jin will never forget; meanwhile, Fuu gets large.
Director: Kazuto Nakazawa; Script: Owadan Shimofuwata; Storyboard: Kazuto Nakazawa
Lullabies of the Lost (verse 1)--Wherein our trio quarrels, separates, and has unexpected encounters; new opponents appear, old grievances return, and Mugen and Fuu meet a mysterious archer.
Director: Masato Miyoshi; Script: Keiko Nobumoto; Storyboard: Nichihe Kondo
Lullabies of the Lost (verse 2)--Wherein one road ends and another resumes; Mugen rights a wrong and Jin ends a life he hoped to spare; grief, injustice, loss and reunion on the Mountain of Death and Rebirth.
Director: Hirotaka Endo; Script: Ryota Sugi; Storyboard: Shinichiro Watanabe
War of the Words--Wherein Hiroshima gets a facelift when kids trade in the sword for the graffiti brush; Jin keeps a promise to a long-lost friend and confronts the shock of the new, while Mugen learns to read and conquers a castle.
Director: Sayo Yamamoto; Script: Hiroshi Sato; Storyboard: Sayo Yamamoto
Unholy Union--Guns, God and Government in Edo Japan: wherein a cynical charlatan fleeces the Hidden Christian flock, Fuu gets closer to the Sunflower Samurai, and a truth is finally revealed.
Director: Hirotaka Endo; Script: Seiko Tagaki; Storyboard: Tsukasa Sunaga
Elegy of Entrapment (verse 1)--Wherein a beautiful musician joins the journey; Mugen is charmed and Fuu finds a friend, but is she what she seems?
Director: Takeshi Yoshimoto; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Kazuyoshi Katayama
Elegy of Entrapment (verse 2)--Wherein Jin learns the Way of Water, a woman's sorrow comes to an end, and Mugen both gives and receives an assassin's last gift.
Director: Akitoshi Yokoyama; Script: Shinji Obara; Storyboard: Akitoshi Yokoyama
Cosmic Collisions--Wherein--oh, heck with that. It's got zombies. Lots of flesh-eating zombies, the mother of all meteors, and a crazed rock-star-priest in search of an ancestral treasure. Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Director: Sayo Yamamoto; Script: Dai Saito; Storyboard: Sayo Yamamoto
Baseball Blues--Wherein an anachronistic batch of American belligerents sails into town and a canny ninja-turned-team manager enlists our heroes to do battle with them on the field of honor...which in this case is a baseball diamond. Behold Mugen's pitching skills and tremble!
Director: Mitsutaka Noshitani; Script: Shinichiro Watanabe; Storyboard: Tensai Okamura
Evanescent Encounter (part 1)--Wherein the end comes into sight. An assassin with a dark and secret reason is dispatched; our trio has a heartfelt conversation by firelight; three crazed killers enter the picture, and Fuu sails alone.
Director: Takeshi Yoshimoto; Script: Shinji Obara and Shinichiro Watanabe; Storyboard: Souichi Masai
Evanescent Encounter (part 2)--Wherein Jin confronts his oldest enemy and a terrible secret is revealed; Fuu escapes a harrowing fate and comes at last to the threshold of the mystery; and Mugen begins the longest battle of his life by doing--just this once--exactly as he's told.
Director: Kazuto Nakazawa and Kei Tsunematsu; Script: Shinji Obara and Shinichiro Watanabe; Storyboard: Souichi Masui and Akitoshi Yokoyama
Evanescent Encounter (part 3)--Oh, sure, like I'm gonna tell you how it ends.--Blood, sweat, dynamite, tears; desperate strategies and hard-earned revenge; and one, last, tiny little secret.
Director: Shinichro Watanabe and Sayo Yamamoto; Script: Shinji Obara and Shinichiro Watanabe; Storyboard: Shinichiro Watanabe and Atoshi Yokoyama

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