Guide to the appearances of Big Fuu

One of the more interesting oddities in Samurai Champloo is the remarkable mutant superpower, err, paranormal ability, or whatever it is, of petite and svelte little Fuu to spontaneously expand to several times her normal size in order to consume vast amounts of food at a single sitting-- and then just as quickly resume her usual slender figure as she digests the feast. An enviable ability, to be sure. Here, by popular request, is a guide to the several appearances of Big Fuu (sometimes also called Plus Size Fuu, Fat Fuu, Big Bubba Fuu, and Sta-Puft (TM) Marshmallow Fuu) in the series.

Episode 6--Fuu makes her first plus-size appearance after the eating contest.
Episode 15--Fuu takes advantage of the sack of (counterfeit) gold that Jin finds in this episode to beeline for a restaurant and completely gorge herself; note she is several times the size that she reached in her first appearance. Also sings a happy little song about the pleasure of being full. Her ability to rapidly return to normal size stands her in good stead here: the counterfeiters' guards, having only seen her in her large size, don't recognize her when she slims down, so the "fat girl" they were ordered to find and execute escapes unharmed.
Episode 23--Fuu unwisely takes Mugen's word in a restaurant when he assures her and Jin that they can afford a meal twice as big as the one Fuu ordered. Mugen's only plan, however, was to simply cut and run after chowing down; honorable Jin and oversized Fuu, not warned in advance, are left in the dust and stuck with the bill when Mugen tears out the door.

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