Amalgam Website Archive 2004-2007

This is a collection of writings, art and such which have at one point or another been featured on the main or links page of the Amalgam website and were withdrawn over time to showcase newer entries, keep the site fresh, and/or save page space. Now you can revisit them --plus some pieces that never made the front page--and read them over again whenever you wish, cos they're all still as neat as ever. =) My thanks to everyone who's consented to let me host their work here, and who will do in future.

==(pencil sketch of Jin by bigbigtruck.)==

Counterculture Remix, Neko-san's cool Champloo term paper.

Beatboxing Samurai and Street-Smart Ronin, Richard Kelly's neat paper analyzing Champloo and Blade of the Immortal.

Dissecting the Opening Sequence by T.Baum, a remarkable, extensive analysis of the symbolism of rooster, fish, and harvest.

An account of Shinichiro Watanabe's Feb. 2006 talk at the Detroit Film Theatre.

===Much more to come!===
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