The Complete Guide to Anachronisms in Samurai Champloo--
Redeye Reprisal/Veritable Pandemonium

Episode 2: Redeye Reprisal/Veritable Pandemonium:

Merks: Ep 2. The 2 guys Oniwaka takes out have these scarfs around their shoulders, one blue with white stars, the other red and white stripes (referencing the American flag). Needless to say, no such thing yet existed in the Edo Period.

The brunette's perfect lipstick. Like Budou Kiba's in Episode 8, this is so high-gloss and rich in color that you would guess it was an anachronism, but it's not. Not only does the history of lipstick go back 5000 years, there's solid documentation for the use of deeply colored glossy lipstick in Edo Period Japan. I have myself seen a ukiyo-e portrait of an Edo courtesan in the Freer Gallery in Washington DC, and she is wearing the then-fashionable combination of one lip green and one lip deep red. (See Oryuu as well in this episode.--It's an interesting side note that women seen accenting the mouth this strongly are probably working as prostitutes, since it suggests that the woman in question is acquainted with the technique of kissing, then considered an uncommon and highly erotic talent. However, as we've seen, just about any woman can find herself in this predicament...)

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