The Complete Guide to Anachronisms in Samurai Champloo--
The Disorder Diaries/Learning from the Past

Episode 12: The Disorder Diaries/Learning from the Past:

Flashback episode; see references for episodes 1-11.

Fuu's diary note. Elise suggested that the little "x" shaped character drawn next to "baka!" on this page is meant to resemble the veins standing out on anime characters' faces in anger (see example), which would be Fuu making an anime reference many, many years before the existence of anime.

"July 10th, clear and sunny..."--Real-Aircooled-Man adds: "And don't forget another anachronism in ep 12: The dating system used in Fuu's diary. They CLEARLY use dates from the Gregorian calendar (the calendar we use), which wasn't used in Japan until 1873."

Anachronisms Occurring Only in the English Dub:

Mugen calls Jin "you mook".. --From

"---there's so much mystery associated with 'mook' that any extra shard of information is worth pursuing. Most of my reference books don't even list 'mook,' much less define it or trace its origin. One dictionary that does deal with 'mook' is the recently published Volume Two of the excellent Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang (which I will call "HDAS" to save space). According to HDAS, 'mook' means "an ineffectual, foolish, or contemptible person," so your definition is certainly in the ballpark. The earliest citation HDAS lists is from 1930.

As to the origin of 'mook,' HDAS ventures that it is probably a variation on 'moke,' a slang term dating back to the middle of the 19th century. 'Moke' means several things: originally, it was a slang and dialect term in England for a donkey, but it has also been used as a term of contempt for a Black person or any dark-skinned person. But 'moke' has also been used since at least 1855 to mean "a foolish or inconsequential person," which certainly ties it to 'mook'. Unfortunately, no one has any clear idea of where "moke" came from. So I guess we'll both just have to keep digging."

--so whether 1930 or 1850s, there's no way Mugen has ever heard this term...

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