The Complete Guide to Anachronisms in Samurai Champloo--
Misguided Miscreants (Parts 1 & 2)

Episode 13/14: Misguided Miscreants (Parts 1 & 2):

Mukuro's revolver. No matter what Champloo dating system you like, there's no way he could have this gun. Though the first large war guns with a revolving cylinder (needing to be turned manually) had been invented in 1718, the first patent for a revolver handgun was awarded to Colonel Samuel Colt in 1836. Before the famous Colt revolver only one and two-barrel flintlock pistols had been invented for hand held use.

Not only is this long-barrelled brute of Mukuro's impossible for his time, he holds it in a horizontal grip which I'm told is gangsta-style.

AND, my correspondents the Gishes add this interesting note:

"Here is an earlier revolver before the Colt gun; it reinforces the Champloo history error. It should have been the gun used since it is more consistent with the 'super-matchlock' from episode 19. Elisha Collier developed a flintlock revolver in 1818, and significant numbers were being produced in London by 1822. Samuel Colt received apatent for his revolver on February 25, 1836 and made the first production model on March 5 of the same year. [Collier apparently did not patent his invention, which is why Colt gets the credit.] The earlier revolver."

The bright ship's lanterns. The question of these has been raised. We feel sure they are oil lanterns with enclosed reflectors, which are kinda marginal: they were first patented in England in 1765, but I can't find anything definite about their history in the East. Though we can date Champloo pretty definitively to 1675, I'm willing to allow a broad margin for maneuverability on either side, so I won't rule these out: but they're a little chancy. They are definitely very intense and bright for non-electric lanterns of any past era.

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