The Complete Guide to Anachronisms in Samurai Champloo--
Lullabies of the Lost (Verse 1)/Idling One's Life Away (the first verse)

Episode 16: Lullabies of the Lost (Verse 1)/Idling One's Life Away (the first verse):

The Lumberjack Rappers. (a/k/a the Homeboys.) This rap trio with its toolboxes carried like boomboxes shows up along the mountain road to perform a number mixing up the legend of Yoshitsune with the rumors sprung up by the presence on the mountain of two strangers, Yukimaru and Okuru, plus some of the persistent whispers about Jin (possibly, as Neko-san suggests, planted by Yuki to draw Jin out of hiding). Goes without saying that rap wasn't the usual means of transmission of local news and rumors in the Edo Period.

--Just as a side note, one would think that anytime in the future someone rapping or beatboxing pops up from nowhere Jin would do well to look over his shoulder, since both times so far this has happened (eps. 8 and 16) it's been followed by an attacker from his old dojo. Maybe in #24 he'd better keep a sharp lookout...

Training methods at the Mujuu. --We see Jin and Yukimaru sparring with shinai (training swords made of bamboo). Unlikely for this time period. Yoshinori Kono writes that modern kendo using shinai and bogu (protective equipment) is generally believed to have originated during the Kyoho period [1716-1735]. Some suggest that the modern kendo shinai was developed by Tanetake Nakanishi, second headmaster of the Nakanishi-ha Itto-ryu (c. 1750-60?). Tanetake adopted the practice of uchiaigeiko--training through competitive matches between opponents equipped with shinai and bogu-- because he felt that kata training alone was a too difficult and time-consuming way to learn. (Robert Mele, who brought this anachronism to my attention, also offered the 1750 date and Nakanishi Chuzo as the inventor's name.)

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