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Yokoso! (Welcome!) This is my tribute to my favorite anime series, Shinichiro Watanabe's Samurai Champloo. From the director and screenwriter of the much-revered anime gem, Cowboy Bebop --a thing of beauty which consistently makes fan lists of the five best series ever--has come a handsome, innovative, and thoroughly kickass neoclassic. Together with excellent writers Shinji Obara and Dai Sato, who also worked on Bebop, and character designer Kazuto Nakazawa, Watanabe has created a major obsession in my life. I love this thing to bits, and I want everyone else who appreciates beauty, imagination, energy and fine art in anime--or, hell, anywhere-- to love it too.

Welcome to Amalgam's ninth birthday!
Yes, we've been on the web since 2004, and Champloo continues to be loved and well remembered. I'm proud to think that my site may have had a part in that, and especially proud to tell you that I'll be giving a panel on Champloo and Edo history at this year's Anime USA convention in Washington DC! If you're a reader of this site and plan to attend the con, I hope you'll spend an hour of it with our traveling trio and me.

Feb 2013: Well, I think I have finally fixed most of the mess. We're still missing some image links and probably some glitches, but I believe I can declare the site open for business again - including the return of our much-missed doujinshi pages! Many, many sorries for this train wreck: I'm still not quite sure how it happened, but it will never happen again, so help me kami.

Nov 2012 update: New information, both on our friend Isaac Titsingh - who was a real person! - and on one of the missing tracks. See Episode Six in the Episode Guide and Episode 15 on the Champloo Music page for the new goodies.

Here's the wonderful "steampunk Champloo" print I bought at Otakon, courtesy of the artist, yoyoninjagirl! You can see it and more of her work in her DeviantArt account.

"Battle Cry" is here!
Our fellow Champloo webmaster bigbigtruck's American Champloo fan doujinshi project is still showcased here at Amalgam!

Complete up to & including Episode 26, Evanescent Encounters (part 3)...

Please hang out and read what I have here: there's my Champloo discussion forum, Swords and Sunflowers; very detailed episode summaries [WARNING, SPOILERS GALORE!] , some random thoughts on the three main characters, a detailed guide to the anachronisms that make the series such a trip, a guide to all and I mean all the characters in the series to date, and lots of pictures. LOTS of pictures. =)

Triad Toys rocked, for awhile...
Having finally brought out their long-awaited 12" Jin and Mugen figures in December 2009, Triad topped all expectations by debuting Fuu almost immediately after them, at the 2010 New York Toy Fair. Doesn't she look great?

Well, enjoy the photo, because it's the best look you'll ever get at her. Triad let their Champloo license expire in 2011 without ever putting Fuu into production. Reasons given: none. They're still selling Jin and Mugen, but that's that. Story of our lives, here: Triad joins Dark Horse and Hobby Figures Japan on the list of manufacturers who put together a kickass prototype and then bailed. Sigh.

Check out FUNimation's Champloo page and watch episodes for free (in dub OR sub)!

The Jin and Mugen fanlisting is two years old--everyone's welcome to join!
Where the River Meets the Sea

Next up! A little gallery of fan art that's been featured on this site over the past years--many thanks to our guest artists!
Samurai Champloo fan art.

left: detail from Moon Over Toyama Plain (1931);
right: detail from Full Moon at Magome (1931)

both by Kawase Hasui (1883-1957)]

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Day begins with the morning bell.
Night is long, empty moon still in the sky.
Everything must end.
--Fujiwara no Ietaka

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[left: Kuzunoha bidding farewell to her children: see episodes 20-21.
right: Yoshitsune's ship attacked by Heike/Taira warrior ghosts in the form of crabs: see episode 22.]

Illustration by Norio Shioyama.

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