Amalgam II: Samurai Champloo links

"Champloo runs on pure cool fuel."--Metatronda, Adult Swim boards, May 2005.

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"'Battlecry' song plays. The lyrics are gorgeous and are about something inspirational: bushido. The art is great as well. This intro introduces us to the characters, because that's the most important part of this show. The characters are shown with Mugen and Jin showing off their martial art skills, and Fuu dancing. Traditional Japanese artistic symbolism is used in the background of each character shown to represent the spirit of the character. Mugen has the spirit of a beautiful rooster, with about the same attitude and intelligence. Jin has the spirit of a fish, and is just as cold and natural. Fuu is of a wild gourd, independent and simple. Best introduction to an anime ever." --Sarah of Borg, Adult Swim boards, July 2005.

Quick linkage to some cool SC websites.

[Sayonara and arigato to Champloo Central, Way of the Champloo--my very much missed, original home forum, whose legacy I swear Swords & Sunflowers will strive to honor-- and Sun Up Sun Down,
who've regrettably left us...]

Champloo Masta, a good-looking French-language site., a new, nicely done site (only minor thievery involved).
CHAMPLOO*ISM is bigbigtruck's seriously kickin' fansite.
ice blue, my Jin and Mujuushin shrine.
TooManyChamploo, a really good general info site., the official website. In Japanese.
The official English-language site.
The official Australian site at Madman Entertainment. (Gee, haven't I seen those character descriptions somewhere before?...)
Manglobe's home page.

Saimin--wonderful Champloo fan art. Jin fans, prepare to weep. is a personal site with some cool musings on Champloo and living a Champloo life in the modern world.
ChamplooFrance, a really comprehensive fansite. In English and French.
Anime Wallpaper.

My seasonal anime reviews, 2006-2008.

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