where the river meets the sea
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Created July 11, 2009
Updated July 7th 2013 - nearing our fifth birthday!!

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I have offered a proposal to give a panel on Samurai Champloo at Anime USA in Washington, DC, this September. If it's accepted it'll be the first time I've talked in public about my love for Champloo and Edo history. Wish me luck!

Welcome to my fanlisting for the relationship between Jin and Mugen, of the brilliant 2004 anime series Samurai Champloo. I was amazed to find there wasn't already such a listing, because this is a pair that's generated much fan fiction, many beautiful doujinshi, and many, many hours of speculation and fangirl dreaming in the five years of the series' existence. In praise and love for the series' director, the renowned Shinichiro Watanabe (of Cowboy Bebop and Kill Bill fame) and SC's excellent writers, especially my beloved Dai Sato, I promise to do my best here.

Relax, have a look around, and if you're a fan of this duo--whether you see them as friends, opponents, lovers, an OTP
or just a classic case of "opposites attract"--please join!

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