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--You must be a fan of Jin, Mugen and/or Samurai Champloo, so the listing will honestly reflect the fanbase.
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--You must provide an e-mail address so I can contact you, but it won't appear on the site, so don't worry!
--You must provide your geographic location (i.e., country, or city & country, where you live), since the point of the listing is to see and enjoy how widespread the fandom is. Please give a real, current, earthly location, not "Middle Earth", "Mars", or "Ura-Edo" (though if you can convincingly argue that you really are there, I'll listen =).
--If you have a website (any kind), please post one of our code buttons! Just download a button from the Codes Page and link it to http://www.spookhouse.net/angelynx/comics/RMS/river-meets-sea.html.
(yes, i know it's long, sorry. cut and paste is your friend.)

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